Web Strategy Defined

Our Process of Business Re-Evolution

Very simply, Web Strategy is the process by which a company will reach its online goals. Only a few years ago, just having a website might have been that goal, however today a more sophisticated approach to your online presence is necessary. The web is an unavoidably connected and social experience and brands who wish to be successful are expected to participate. Secret Stache Media breaks down the idea of Web Strategy into four pillars: Information Architecture, Web Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization, and Interactive Marketing.

Information Architecture

You wouldn’t just wing the construction of your home, would you? Of course not— you’d have an architect draft a blueprint based on research and his knowledge of best practices, materials and resources. Information architecture is no different. Before building your online home, you need to research who your target market is, and how they are searching for your offering. You need to analyze the competition that already exists and how your business might pair up against them. Finally you need to determine how the flow of information on your site will accommodate your users with the least amount of friction as possible.

Web Design and Development

We design for function first, with beauty trailing close behind. This is a process that allows us to test, optimize and measure the performance of your site’s goals, using data to determine how a given layout should look. Design is very subjective, but conversion rates are not.

Unless given a special request, all of our projects are built with WordPress. WordPress is a Content Management System that has it’s roots in the publishing and blogging world, but has since matured into a robust and lightweight tool that is easy for any user to maintain.

Search Engine Optimization

Despite the snake oil that lingers (in great numbers) on the interwebs, SEO is not a set of tricks, spells or any other sorcery of black magic. In fact, SEO is a very logical process when broken down and demystified, however it is never easy and is not an exact science. At Secret Stache Media, we employ a content-driven strategy that over time creates authority for your brand and domain. The search engines want to show the most relevant information for their users, and our plan of attack is to determine how your brand can become that relevance.

Interactive Marketing

Marketing has moved from a transactional-based effort to one more focused on conversations. Like never before, we have the ability to listen to and engage with our customers and it is all happening in real time. For most businesses, the idea of spending time online chatting seems ridiculous and far too time consuming. At Secret Stache Media, we do the dirty work and determine where your voice and passion is best suited so that you can efficiently participate in a conversation that is happening with or without you.

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