The Basics

  1. Managed Website Hosting

    We partner with best-in-class hosting providers that finely tune their tech stack to best manage the CMSes we support. Your client's website will benefit from all of the features these solutions offer including SSL certificates, daily & on-demand backups, website caching, and content delivery networks.
  2. Weekly Software Updates*

    Our developers take the time each week to go through your site checking for, installing, and testing the most recent plugin and core WordPress updates to make sure there are never any security or performance issues. We sweat the details so you don't have to. This is only available on WordPress projects.
  3. Uptime Monitoring

    We ping our websites every 5 minutes to confirm they are live. If any errors are reported, our support team is notified and we get to work on the fix.
  4. Staging Environment

    As needed, we'll pull production down into staging and/or dev to keep the environments as close to synced as possible.
  5. White-labeled Email Support

    Provide us with websupport@youragency.com and we’ll run that email through our ticketing system. As support requests come through, we’ll act as both Tier 1 support (routing tickets to the proper recipient) and Tier 2 technical support.
    whenever necessary.

From $250/month

The Essentials

  1. Everything in The Basics

    Everything in “The Basics” plan is included in this plan.
  2. Code Warranty

    If anything on the site breaks, we'll fix it for free. Most issues are handled within 48 hours.
  3. Performance Monitoring

    Performance optimization is a moving target, so we'll continue to tweak performance as new options become available. We'll also help you create strategies for optimal performance management.
  4. Premium Plugin Licensing*

    We invest in dozens of premium plugins to cover a wide array of use cases. If your site can benefit from these tools, we'll install and configure them at no additional charge. This is only available for WordPress projects
  5. Living Documentation

    Evolving websites require evolving documentation. As new requests are presented, we’ll build out updated documentation to help your current and future team navigate through the nuances of the CMS. To make things even more seamless, all documentation is easily accessible through a support widget in the admin.

From $750/month

Full Service

  1. Everything in The Essentials

    Everything in “The Essentials” plan is included in this plan.
  2. Accessibility Monitoring

    As new technical accessibility issues are uncovered we’ll add them to our maintenance queue so they are fixed as soon as possible.
  3. Reporting Dashboard

    We’ll set up a Google Looker Studio board to report on all of the metrics that matter to your company. We’ll also manage integrating tools for website analytics, SEO, and paid marketing.
  4. Malware Scanner

    Using Sucuri.net, we'll monitor the server for suspicious file system changes.
  5. Unlimited CMS Tasks

    We can manage anything within the CMS including updating and adding content, investigating new plugins, and swapping out images. There’s no limit to what you can request each month!