Project Inheritance

Send us your old and your sick

Need help bringing your client’s site back to life? We do convalescent care for old and broke down WordPress websites. If you have legacy projects – websites developed by someone else – we can either keep those sites up and running, or rebuild the backend to make it a) easy to update for anyone in your client’s organization, and b) cheaper to manage in the future.

Management Options

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Life Support

From $350/month*

  • Checkbox Icon WP Engine Hosting
  • Checkbox Icon Weekly Software Updates
  • Checkbox Icon Access to Premium Plugins
  • Checkbox Icon Performance Optimization
  • Checkbox Icon Security Optimization
  • Checkbox Icon General WP Support
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From $850/month*

  • Checkbox Icon Everything in Life Support
  • Checkbox Icon Dedicated account manager
  • Checkbox Icon Content, SEO, & accessibility audit
  • Checkbox Icon Re-platform to modern framework
  • Checkbox Icon Bi-weekly checkins
Every site is a little bit different, which is why we build custom solutions and plans for every site that we resuscitate. Set up a chat to tell us about the current condition of your website. We’ll make a diagnosis and recommend a treatment option to get things up and running again in no time.

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