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Introducing the sexiest backend on the internet

We’ve spent the last 15 years fine-tuning the WordPress admin experience to match each project’s specific needs. The result: a content management system that your clients will enjoy working with…whether it’s the CEO or the intern.

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A finely-tuned WordPress dashboard

Long gone are the days of annoying plugin upsell banners and unnecessary
clutter. We take the extra time to ensure your clients log in to a clean and
organized dashboard admin.

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Organized menu system

Admin information architecture starts with the vertical menu system, and without attention this can get unruly real quick. We recreate the WordPress menu system into 3 levels (instead of 2) which allows us to more deliberately tuck away items that don’t need top level access.

UNC - Backend - After
Brand Settings

Brand Settings

Our brand settings page organizes all of the project’s global items including brand assets, marketing scripts, API keys and style overrides. If something doesn’t logically fit elsewhere, you’ll most likely find it on this page.

Bespoke layout builder

We believe the UI design should dictate the layout builder, not the other way around. So, we architect these features based on your UI specifications. The result is a lightweight, flexible system that gives your clients everything they need to create complex pages, without the worry of taking them off-brand.

Layout Builder
In App Support

In-app customer support

If your clients require ongoing support, we’ve made it dead simple: an in-app widget to submit tickets. In addition to being convenient for your clients, this widget passes browser and device specific data to help us streamline support.

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