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    On time

    Our timelines are always dependable, and come with the added bonus of weekly status updates, Gantt charts (if you’re into that), and a private slack channel for open dialogue.

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    Predictable pricing

    We’re so experienced with budgeting that we don’t provide estimates. Build our flat rate project pricing into your bids for predictable profit margins.

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    Masters of diguise

    As far as your clients are concerned, we are your development department. You can highlight our partnership or fully white-label our projects.


How Shopify measures up

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CMS Versatility
Modern eCommerce Options

Any Flavor

Mix and match tools to fit your taste

If you’re looking for a little something beyond straightforward ecommerce, we’ve got some custom options up our sleeves. We’re talking WordPress + Woocommerce, or even a WordPress/Shopify hybrid. Let’s chat about your project and we can walk you through our recommendations to meet your client’s business goals.

The Homies

Working with agencies like your since 2006

  • When we have a deadline that our internal dev team can’t meet, we can always count on Secret Stache to step in and transform our designs into beautiful front-end builds and easy-to-use admins.

    Laura Salter
    Co-Director of Strategy
  • Secret Stache is always willing to go the extra mile on projects, collaborate on challenging problems, but still deliver in a cost effective manner. They define what it means to be a partner.

    David Stewart
    Creative Technology Director
  • Secret Stache works hard to protect us from inefficiencies that drive costs up, which makes them an extremely cost effective solution for our development needs.

    Joe Greeley
    Director of Talent and Creative Culture
  • Their work is always guaranteed to be of the highest quality and consistency, but the best thing about working with Secret Stache is simply how enjoyable it is.

    Chris Binding
    Director of Marketing
  • Secret Stache has set the bar for what a working relationship with programmers should look like. Their understanding of the value behind creativity is a welcome departure from most dev relationships.

    Dennis McMahon
    Creative Director, Founder
  • Secret Stache is cool, confident, and conscious of their place in the creative world which makes them fun to work with.

    Tom Abrams
    Director of Digital


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