Predictable Pricing

How Much Does it Cost?

Website Development Starting at $6000

All Projects Include:

Static HTML Templates

Designs are built into the browser quickly to test functionality & work through unlimited design tweaks.

Custom WordPress Theme

Developed mobile first, and tested to look great in all modern browsers.

Custom Functionality Plugin(s)

Smart WordPress development separates design from functionality.

Custom Admin Experience

Slimmed down and tailored specifically for your project, the experience is built with the nontechnical user in mind.

Custom Layout Builder

Finely-tuned for your project, offering incredible layout flexibility, while keeping your site on brand.

White-labeled Admin Experience

Replace WordPress branding with your own, and add personalized dashboard widgets to drive your clients back to your website.

Brand-specific Settings Page

Manage the project’s global information including business & contact information, social accounts, 3rd party scripts, and more.

In-app Documentation

All of your questions answered in one place, consisting of cheat sheets & standard operating procedures.

3rd Party Plugins

The best of breed WordPress plugins installed and configured for your project.

Staging Web Server

Watch the development as it happens on our password protected staging server. Once ready, we’ll migrate to your hosting service.

Additional Services


Membership & Learning Management

Content Migration

Custom Training

3rd Party Integration

Managed Hosting & Maintenance

The Deliverables

In most cases the project deliverables are a WordPress theme and 1 or more functionality plugins. The items are delivered to you as a zip file, as well as deployed to your web hosting server.