Dependable Timelines

How Long Does It Take?

25 Business Days+

Milestone 1

Static Development

10 business days + review and revisions

Our first step is translate your designs into the browser as static page templates. This usually takes no more than 10 business days. Once we deliver you the static pages (hosted on our development service PREEVUU), we will continue to make design tweaks until you are 100% satisfied on the in-browser layout. After approval, we’ll move on to milestone 2.

Client Homework

  1. Pay deposit (50% of invoice)
  2. Asset collection including page content & imagery
  3. Account information for google analytics, search console, 3rd party tools, and social media platforms

Milestone 2

WordPress Theme & Plugin Development

10 business days + review and revisions

Our second step is to build the static page templates into WordPress as a custom theme and accompanying plugins. In addition, we will fine-tune our layout builder to fit the needs of this specific project, giving you everything you need to easily build modular layouts.

Client Homework

  1. Hosting & WordPress Setup
  2. Prepare analytics scripts
  3. Prepare domain name
  4. Prepare redirects (if converting an old site)

Milestone 3

Deployment to Web Hosting

1 to 5 business days

If you opt to host with us, deployment is immediate and your new site can launch in 1 day. If you choose to host elsewhere, we’ll begin to migrate your new website from our servers to yours. Most of the time this is painless, however not all hosting companies are alike, and most often additional steps are required.

Client Homework

  1. Prepare Press Release
  2. Pay remaining balance (50% of invoice)
  3. Tap the Champagne