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The Laws of UX (Design Theory for 2018)

Vectorform design lead Jon Yablonski created a website that outlines the Laws of UX late last year. The guide is a pretty amazing resource but got us thinking about how website design has changed – or evolved – design theory as we know it. Here, we’re going to take a look at some of Yablonski’s laws … Continued

7 Ways to Move Web Design Projects Along Faster

Speeding up a project can be one of the most difficult challenges creative teams face but it is possible. It takes a combination of planning in the early phases, trusting the creative team and letting everyone do their job and remembering to check in and evaluate milestones along the way. Letting a misstep get in the way is often the biggest project derailment.

Ready for a Website Redesign? Start with the Content

Before you pick out the first color, font or photo for your website redesign, you need to take a hard look at the content. A successful website starts with the content first and then the design.

Efficient UX Starts with the Gestalt Theory

Good design often starts with a good eye for space, typography and relationships between design elements. But there’s distinct design theory that backs up that thinking – Gestalt Theory.

8 Elements That Make Your Design Look Out of Date

Do you ever worry that you’ve incorporated so many trends into your website design that it looks like a certain time period? Or that the super-awesome website you launched three years ago is starting to look a little dated?

8 Reasons Content Comes Before Design

Creating and developing content ahead of a website design will help you organize all those creative thoughts and brainstorms into usable work product. Crafting a solid outline for the content will help the design team and the creative team get on the same page regarding the focus of the website.

How to Design for Multiple Page Views

Everyone seems to be talking about how to design for search these days. But have you thought about how to design for users who have already found your website?

10 Great Podcasts for Designers

There’s nothing like a great podcast to help you get through the day, especially if it can provide you with a bit of inspiration.

How to Create the Right Animation for Web Design Projects

It seems like almost every client is demanding some type of animation for their website these days. They don’t always know what that animation should be, or what it should do, but they want animation.