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The Importance of Sketching in Web Design

Sketching is an important and often overlooked gem of the UI design process (even for non-designers). Starting your designs offline and with pen and paper can help teams better visualize the project’s potential early in the process.

Secrets of Card-Based Web Design

A card-based design can create a framework of tiny containers, each holding one key piece of information. And while cards aren’t new, the style is in somewhat of a renaissance period thanks to the popularity of Material Design patterns.

How to Ensure Your Design Uses Real Content

The best designs start with copy that resembles the final product, and designers should be reluctant to work with anything less. Here are some tips to ensure your design uses real copy from Day 1. (And your web design projects will be better for it.)

UI Elements You Should Start Using Right Away … And a Few to Avoid

Your web design projects should be constantly evolving as new design trends and user patterns become familiar amongst consumers. Like fashion, trends come and go. Everything from color palettes and typography styles to animations and user interactions become stale within an ever-changing web landscape.