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8 Examples of How to Effectively Break Out of the Grid

Grids are an essential tool for modern web design. In a reality that expects user interfaces to function and look great on any number of unknown screen sizes, the grid helps create a “one size can adapt to all” final product. This further manifests itself into quicker launches, predictable budgets, and an overall better product for most projects.

Page-Centric Design vs. Component-Centric Design

What comes first the design or the elements?

It’s the design version of the chicken and egg question. Creatives can debate for hours over how to create a design, whether it is based on an idea that is completely drawn out or a “bucket of parts” that can be mixed and matched throughout the design.

4 Tips to Improve Communication Between Designers and Developers

The line between design and development is getting less clear every day. More designers have development skills and more developers are becoming well-versed in design. And it means that the lines of communication between the two are wide open. Here’s how to ensure that both sides of the website project are working together effectively to ensure the best possible projects.

Tools of the Modern UI Designer

Modern UI designers rely on plenty of great tools to make prototyping and design faster. Clients demand quick turnaround times and having a solid collection of tools ready at hand can be a big asset.

How Grids Help Overcome the Challenge of Responsive Design

Grids are the backbone of responsive websites. And for the foreseeable future, grids are necessary to build cost-effective websites that render effectively in all browsers and any number of known and unknown resolutions. There are just too many devices to account for everything. 

Top Online Collaboration Tools for Designers and Developers

To launch a successful project, designers and developers have to work together. This collaboration will result in better ideas and a more usable final website design. The hard part? Actually making that happen.

Why You Need a Content First Design Strategy

You can’t really get far into the design of a website until several questions are answered and you already have much of that content thought out. Although it’s common to dismiss content until the last step, the best design and development teams will require it before they get started.