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How to Design for Product Awareness

When designing a website, it is important to think about product awareness and how the visual presentation will impact a user or potential customer.

How to Create Design Documentation for Clients

Design documentation is a set of tools and guidelines that will help the owner of a site understand how to maintain the design and use backend functionality to make updates and changes.

10 Questions to Ask Web Design Prospects

Every website designer should have a go-to list of questions to ask every prospect before signing a contract and starting a project. So grab a note card or get ready to put this checklist in Evernote so you’ll be ready with everything you need to get new projects off on the right start.

5 Components of Modern Web Design

Just any old website design won’t do. Neither will that website that you launched 10 years ago. Users want, and demand, modern website interfaces. A modern design shows that you care and that maintain and update your website and content regularly. (Even if it isn’t, a modern design will give this impression.)

How to Teach Design Concepts to Clients

While you probably don’t want to share all your design secrets, it can be beneficial to teach a few design concepts to clients.

How to Navigate Design Feedback from Clients

Design feedback is a double-edged sword. On one hand, designers want and need feedback to improve projects and make them better. On the other hand, client feedback can be ambiguous and not provide enough direction to get to those solutions.

Why Web Designers are Moving to Sketch, and 10 Resources to Help You Make the Transition

While there’s no right or wrong software choice, many webs designers are making a move to Sketch. If it’s something you’ve considered here’s everything you need to know to help you make the move.

How Design & Development Teams Can Succeed Working Remotely

Almost half of Americans (43 percent) reported working from home at least some of the time in 2016, and 20 percent said they did all of their work from home, according to The Wall Street Journal. That means chances are your company – if it hasn’t already – will soon embrace a remote workforce.

8 Examples of How to Effectively Break Out of the Grid

Grids are an essential tool for modern web design. In a reality that expects user interfaces to function and look great on any number of unknown screen sizes, the grid helps create a “one size can adapt to all” final product. This further manifests itself into quicker launches, predictable budgets, and an overall better product for most projects.