A Love/Hate Relationship with WordPress Page Builders

If you’ve spent any time at all with WordPress, chances are you’ve heard about page builders. These popular tools provide an alternative to the platform’s standard editor. You may even have wondered whether it’s worth picking up one of these tools yourself.

The 4 Types of Research Methods in UI/UX Design (And When to Use Them)

Design research is a necessary part of creating a user-centered product. When done right, you’re able to gather data that helps you

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Task Scenarios for Usability Testing

Writing task scenarios for usability testing that accurately reflect user goals can be pretty difficult. Ideally, you want to come up with tasks that are realistic, actionable, and don’t give away obvious clues.

Design Thinking: A 5 Stage Process to Better Product Design

At its core, design thinking is a problem-solving methodology that, first and foremost, focuses on the user’s needs rather than the product’s specifications. Teams that fuse design thinking into their design process can develop better, user-centered products.

An Essential Guide to Guerrilla Usability Testing

Usability testing is critical to project success which is why there are many different methods for conducting usability tests. The only problem is that most of these methods are incredibly resource intensive. You need to recruit test participants, make arrangements for conducting the tests, fill out paperwork, and much more.

How to Effectively Break Out of the Grid

Grids are an essential tool for modern web design. In a reality that expects user interfaces to function and look great on any number of unknown screen sizes, the grid helps create a “one size can adapt to all” final product. This further manifests itself into quicker launches, predictable budgets, and an overall better product for most projects.

4 Tips for Smooth Design-to-Development Handoffs

Designers and developers have specific roles when it comes to building websites. Designers ideate, conceptualize, sketch, and prototype design ideas. Developers make those prototypes come to life by creating layouts, integrating graphics, and coding interactive elements.

How UI Illustrations Improve UX

In the context of UI design, illustrations can be drawings, sketches, graphic designs, or printed works of art. They are used to clarify, decorate, or visually represent text or complex ideas.